Mortgage Funding You Can Currently Get in Zimbabwe

Admin March 01, 2022

We all dream of owning our own homes, as we are committed to helping you turn that dream to reality. Mortgage funding is one of the systems banks have put in place to also assist you in making the dream come true.

In our previous post we shared with you what you need to do to know whether you qualify for a mortgage loan.  We shared on how your income and expenses play one of the biggest roles in determining your chance of home loan approval. How they look at the size of your deposit, proof of funds for deposit & Fees (Loan Application Fee/Establishment Fees, Legal Fees, Valuation Fees , etc) before they make a decision to grant you a loan and make your dream come true

Well, this time we felt it would be necessary to then give you the information on some of the most prevalent mortgage types that are being offered by almost every bank in Zimbabwe. We believe the information will help in making the very important decisions in your property hunting process. Decisions on whether to buy a fully developed property, buy a stand and build on your own or get a fixer up for renovating at your own pace.

There are tailor made options being offered by local banks to suit any of the above choices depending on the route you decide to take.


The most common type of mortgages on offer by Zimbabwean banks are as follows:

- Building Finance - This type of funding usually works in the following situations: when you want to buy a serviced and  titled stand and build on it and when you already own a serviced and titled stand and need financial assistance to build on it. There are many products being offered by different banks and differ in many ways. SOme banks are in partnerships with construction companies and building materials providers in offering such loans.

- Property Purchase - This is the most popular type of mortgage funding with local banks and  suitable for those purchasing an already existing residential property.

- Property improvements - Most banks are also offering funding for those who want to renovate and or improve their properties. The property itself works as a guarantee or collateral for the funding. 

- Equity Release - This type of funding is available from many banks and available to individuals/companies who own a property and would like to borrow funds using the property as a guarantee. This type of funding helps the property owner to release some liquidity from the property to cover any other financial needs that might not be in relation to the subject property.

- Diaspora Mortgages -  This type of funding is targeted on Zimbabweans based outside the country who would want to buy properties back home.


Talk to your bank today and get to know if you qualify for a mortgage loan, know the type of loan you qualify for and above all you can comfortably repay to avoid pressure on your finances. And at the end of it all, see you on where you will get over 6 823 property options to choose from. We have residential stands in all suburbs, complete houses, dilapidated houses in need of renovations, incomplete houses and projects selling off plan. 


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