Neighborhood on Spotlight - Aspindale Park

Admin July 28, 2022

Aspindale Park is an exclusive and secure mixed use high density development in the western part of Harare comprising over 1,200 fully serviced residential stands set out on a 56 hectare site situated at the intersection of High Glen and Kambuzuma Roads with easy access to the industrial sites and the city centre.

The development includes a shopping mall with a Pick n Pay supermarket and other retail outlets (including a pharmacy and a hardware store) and the Aspindale Farmers’ Market bringing convenience to residents. 

There are also schools, day care centres, churches, clinics and other facilities. The development was set to create a unique community-living experience where residents could enjoy a safe and secure environment with fully serviced roads, street lighting, water, electricity and sewer connections as well as high speed internet service.

Stands range in size from 200 to 360 square metres selling for about US$100/m2. Aspindale Park also includes 12 four storey apartment blocks called Aspire Heights.

There is a wide range of properties available for sale and for leasing in Aspindale Park from Apartments, Residential & Commercial Land and Properties. Prices for complete houses on about 240m2 starts from US$65 000+ (shell houses sell for an average price of US$55 000) and Flats/Apartments(2 bedroomed) from US$60 000+. Residential land prices averages USD100/m2 for stand sizes averaging 240m2.

Rentals for houses and apartments averages USD500 per unit per month.

Visit for a variety of options for properties available for sale in Aspindale Park.

Aspindale Park incorporates high quality infrastructure, desirable housing which is encapsulated by the housing designs (There are 12 different approved house plan options available and basic development controls to maintain standards.) and shared security. There are plans to have around 2,000 indigenous trees planted to green and beautify the area.

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