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Admin May 12, 2022

Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate is an upmarket, plush and exclusive residential estate in the northern part of Harare, which ranks among the most affluent and prestigious residential areas in the city and the country at large. It lies between Crowhill Road and Borrowdale Brooke Road. It is bordered by Brookridge, Greystone Park, Hogerty Hill, etc. 

Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate development was started in 1996, spearheaded by Lonrho Construction. The original Estate comprises 252 hectares of tranquil landscape sub-divided into 665 stands. There are a variety of housing designs on The Estate with basic building guidelines in place to ensure an overall standard of aesthetics, and safety standards of the City of Harare are adhered to. 

The development features a magnificent 18-hole golf course designed and built by Peter Matkovich of Matkovich and Hayes, in consultation with Nick Price, to United States Golf Association standards. Borrowdale Brooke Golf Club was opened by Nick Price on 27th November 1998. The course has developed beautifully with many big trees and 209 bird species have been recorded on the course and in the gardens on The Estate. 

Borrowdale Brooke Shopping Centre is located nearer to the main entrance of the estate. The Shopping Centre is made up of various shops including supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, gift shops, restaurants and cafes, etc. 

Schools nearby include St. John's College, St. John's Preparatory School, Greystone Park Primary School and The Heritage School, etc. The popular Borrowdale Race Course is also situated in the neighborhood.

There is a wide range of properties available for sale and for leasing in Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate from Apartments, Residential & Commercial Land, and Commercial Properties. Prices for houses in good condition range from US$500 000+.

Residential land prices averages USD150-200/m2 for stand sizes between 1000-2 000m2.

Rentals for residential houses and apartments averages USD2 500 with some high end going for as much as USD5 000 per unit per month.


Borrowdale Brooke Golf Estate  is today considered the most affluent and prestigious Neighbourhood in Harare. Magnificent views, nature and unique architecture, lives up to the expectations of every buyer.


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