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Admin May 06, 2022

“Real estate is a field where as an agent you might have to deal with feast and famine periods, you really have no choice but to be able to fill up your pipeline if you want to survive”

The previous article focused broadly on how as an estate agent should be engaging in lead generation in this digital age. It’s always important for realtors to maintain a healthy pipeline of leads, sometimes you find yourself flooded with clients and there are moments you lose momentum and, in turn, you see mandates, sales and your commissions going down. In most cases it all starts with your leads going down and everything else follows.

As property.co.zw we have mastered that your business is dependent on lead generation and we are always innovating to come up with solutions to help your business survive. We also understand that buyers want convenience and besides that they are also looking for the best property matching their requirements in many aspects.

Property request service offer buyers the flexibility and convenience to sit back and relax and let agents do their work of looking for properties. Why search when others can find it for you? Your request will be sent to estate agents that specialise in the property you are looking for.

For Estate Agents, we thought about the unpredictable nature of your business and prepared an arsenal of fresh lead-gathering tactics through the Property Request  add on service.

The property request service is designed with lead generation in mind on the part of the estate agent and convenience on the part of the buyers. 

Estate agents, take advantage of this service to get more than 50 000 leads delivered per month in your inbox. 


How does it work?

Buyers looking for a property can visit our site www.property.co.zw and proceed to the Property Request tab which is also accessible via https://www.property.co.zw/request-a-property You will then be prompted to enter details of the property you are looking for including Location, category, to buy or rent option and specify budget.

You will then submit your details and any other extra information in relation to the property for instance if you want a property near a school, shopping centre, on the corner of the road, wit a swimming pool, garden, borehole, garage , air conditioning or fully furnished.

Estate agents will then receive all direct property requests depending on their subscription for specific Location i.e. Country/Province OR Price Range. They will then look within their portfolio to see if there are any photos fitting your description and requirements. If so, the estate agent will then respond to your request with details. In case the property matches what you are looking for you can then proceed to view the property, verify documentation and conclude the transaction. 


That makes everyone happy, isn’t it?

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