Technology is Bringing Convenience to the Real Estate Sector

Admin December 10, 2021

Just about a decade ago, newspaper adverts were more popular with buyers and  real estate agents when it comes to searching and advertising properties. The only ways to attract customers were through newspaper ads and your sphere of influence.

The property marketing business and the whole value chain went through dramatic changes brought about by the introduction of online technology and accessibility to information. Buyers, now more than before, expect far much more from real estate agents. As the use of the Internet continues to spread, people become more aware of its potential from a range of non-property applications and then demand the same level of service from the real estate industry. 

Here in Zimbabwe, online classifieds and property listing portals were also introduced in line with global trends. Today, buyers can easily find property listings online, which is more broader and economical (thanks to technology). Buyers now search online the same way (with much ease) they used to comb the newspaper classifieds.

The big difference is that online listings are providing convenience to both buyers and sellers through an array of systems which make your experience much more different. Listings are now more detailed and include clear photos, videos, detailed information, price, location, etc. 

We have made available an array of functions to agents and buyers through our platforms making an exciting and convenient shift to the property marketing, hunting and buying processes.

Here are a few exciting and convenient offerings recently introduced through our platform ( 

Request a Property

Why search when others can find it for you? You can easily submit specifications for the property you would want to buy, your request will be sent to estate agents and they will do the search for you.

Finding a Local Estate Agent

We have more than 200 Estate Agents listings on our platform and you can have access to any of them. 

Discover New Developments

Discover new developments that are happening in the property sector and you will be spoilt of choice on where and what to buy.

Market Data & Trends 

Track market prices and see real estate values from all areas of the country. Search average prices for all of Zimbabwe or specific locations. Breakdown into apartments, houses, lands, and commercial. Detailed market trends and pricing.

Online Insurance Application

We now provide online applications for home and home contents insurance including instantly generated insurance estimates based on your needs. Paperwork and engagements with Insurance Brokers is done digitally bringing speed and convenience to the whole process. ( ) 

Moving? - Get a Quote Online

If you are planning on moving, you can just tell us where you're moving to and from, sit back and relax.  Once you've chosen your quote we'll call you to confirm details, and pickup. Everything will be done online ( )

Request for a Valuation

You can now easily provide details of the property you would like valued and add your contact details for us to organise the valuation. The valuer will arrange a convenient time for the property inspection and carry out the Valuation.  (

Mortgage Calculator & Affordability 

Estimate your payment with our easy-to-use loan calculator and get pre-qualified to buy with a local lender. You can also see how much house you can afford and get prequalified by a local lender.

Advancements in technology are shaping the way real estate agents and buyers navigate the home selling and buying process. In today’s modern world, real estate professionals rely on data to drive decisions, assess home value, and find ideal buyers.

Our vision is to make sure buyers looking for properties must not get out of their pyjamas, “They must be able to search for properties online, take a virtual tour of the property, go on the map to see where they sit compared to roads, services and other landmarks. In fact, from the time a property comes on the market, you can completely check it, write an offer, and get it to the seller/agent in minutes.” You can apply for mortgage, insurance, give instructions for valuation and get quotations for moving at the same time on the same platform.

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